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Lethal Threat



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We have all either had a so-called “friend” who would take every chance they had to put you down when you weren’t around, or you knew someone else who did.

The world is full of two-faced people, and if you aren’t careful, you could run into snakes like them your entire life. Our illustrators came up with this tee with those people in mind. The center of the image is a snake baring its fangs from the inside of a skull, surrounding the design is text that reads “Run with the ruthless/Slay the venomous.” This t-shirt art and message speaks for itself; how could you not want a design this awesome?

To top it all off, the color of the shirt isn’t just our regular black or navy blue. It’s a color we created in our color lab, Volcano Orange! The new shade is perfect for intensifying the bright green and yellow snake, allowing the shirt to be as vibrant as possible.

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